Entering a Household Pet

Did you know your cat doesn't need a pedigree to enter a show? We welcome cats who aren't purebred to enter in the Household Pet class. Household Pets get judged just like the pedigreed cats - and can win rosettes too! CFA has a lot of information on cat shows here. We've also put together this guide.

There are just a few basic requirements:

- Cats must be at least 4 months old

- Cats older than 8 months must be spayed or neutered

- Cat should be healthy and up to date on his/her vaccines

- Declawed cats are ineligible

- Cats with wildcat bloodlines (such as Bengals) are also ineligible

How to enter

First you will need to fill out the online entry form, located here:


When filling out the form, do the following:

- For CFA Registration #, put HHP

- For birthdate, put your best guess

- For sex, choose Neuter or Spay, unless you are entering an unaltered kitten

- For Color Class #, put HHP

- For Breed, scroll down and choose Household Pet

- Leave Sire, Dam, and Breeder blank

- Enter your contact information; leave the Agent information blank

- For competitive class, choose Household Pet

- You may choose 'special requests' for an extra fee. These are:

    Double cage: Standard cage size is 21” x 21” x 21”. Check this to get a double wide cage. Note that you will automatically get a double cage if you enter two cats

    Grooming Space: Get extra space next to your cage for grooming, putting your things, etc.

    End of row: You will be benched at the end of a row

The club charges an entry fee to cover the cost of putting on the show. Fees must be received by the club within 10 days of entering.

Please see fees as well as entry deadline here. Note that we generally stop accepting entries a week before the show.

This is a double cage with groom space. The default cage size is half of this (and doesn't come with the extra space).

What to bring

Once you are confirmed to enter, you'll need to get a few things together:

- A carrier to transport your cat to the show

- Something to cover your cage with. This can be fabric, sheets, towels - it just needs to cover the top, sides, and back of your cage. Again, the single cage is 21" by 21" by 21"; the double cage is 21" by 21" by 45"

- Food and water bowls for your cat to use during the show (bring your own cat food)

- A litter box for the cat to use at the show (we will provide clay litter, bring your own if your cat favors something else)

- Treats or baby food (make sure it doesn't contain onion powder) to give your kitty during the day

- Brushes, combs, q-tips, and anything else you need to make your kitty look their best!

Preparing your cat for the show

- Trim your cat's nails prior to the show

- If possible, bathe your cat (the judges can tell!)

- Remove your cat's collar the day of the show; collars can't be worn during judging

When you arrive at the show

- Check in at the desk at the front of the hall and receive your show catalog (this lists all the cats in the show)

- Look up your cat in the catalog to find their number for the day (this will be between 1 and 225)

- Find your assigned cage in the benching area and get set up

- Throughout the day, your cat's number will be called when it's time to be judged. When this happens, give your cat a brush and a pet and take them up!

Good luck, and have fun!