Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitor InfoHow do cat shows work? Are they like dog shows?

CFA (Cat Fancier's Association, the organization that oversees the registering and showing of cats) has a great guide on cat shows. Check it out at

Will I get to pet the cats?

You may ask an owner for permission to pet their cat - many will be happy to oblige. Keep in mind that these cats have been through hours of grooming, though, so be understanding if you're asked to look rather than touch.

Are the cats for sale?

Some breeders may choose to bring cats that are available for sale. We can't guarantee a specific kind of cat will be available, but a show is a great chance to meet different breeders and get on their waiting lists if they don't have anything for sale at the show. We will also have some fabulous rescue cats from local shelters available for adoption!

Which breeds will be at the show?

We expect to have over 30 breeds of cats entered, but the exact variety changes from year to year based on who enters. 

Is there food at the show hall?

Yes, the fairgrounds will be selling food. Fairgrounds rules prohibit bringing in outside food.

Is the show hall nonsmoking?

Yes, the entire fairgrounds facility - both inside and out - is non-smoking. Please plan accordingly.